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Plate Vintage Camera

Antique [ conley?] red bellows plate camera


Vintage Voigtlander Folding Plate Camera Untested


Antique Conley plate camera red bellows 


Antique Camera Lens Lot for Wooden Plate Field Cameras


Voigtlander Avus Compur Vintage Folding Plate Camera




Welta Folding Plate Camera Vintage


VOIGTLANDER AVUS plate camera 9x12 FILM HOLDERS SKOPAR vintage Germany as is


- Rochester Optical Co. Premo SR Plate Camera


The 1894 Instantograph Large format wood brass vintage Plate Camera Primus Lens


- Rare Vintage Zeiss Ikon Miroflex B Plate Camera Boday, Parts or Repair


Zeiss Icon Tessco Vintage 1920's Folding Plate Camera 135mm Tessar


- Rochester Optical Co. Standard 6 1/2 x 8 1/2" Plate Camera


Voigtlander Avus 9x12 Plate Camera With Skopar 13.5mm Lens 2 Plates Case Manual


Vintage Voigtlander Avus Camera Skopar Lens 1:4.5/10.5 Lens Plates


Plaubel. 9x12 Folding Plate Camera - antique vintage


Burleigh Brooks. 9x12 Folding Plate Camera - vintage, collectors display


Voigtlander Avus 6.5x9cm Folding Plate Camera W/ Skopar Lens & Compur Shutter


Rochester Optical Co. Carlton Full Plate Wood Camera & Brass shutter/Lens 1891


Rare Vintage Ica Nicklas 109 Folding Plate Camera Germany c. 1920


Conley Junior Automatic 1907 Folding Plate Camera


No 4 Cartridge Kodak with Plate Adapter 1897


Kenngott Phonix 9x12 Tropical camera w/12cm Laack rathenow Lens, Case


Vintage Schlesicky-Strohlein Folding Plate Camera With Plates


Zeiss Ica Volta 125. 9x12 Folding Plate Camera - Vintage display camera


Rare Vintage Zeiss Ica Volta 295 Folding Plate Camera - Early Display Camera


Vintage 1920's ZEISS IKON IDEAL 250/7 FOLDING Plate 9x12 cm CAMERA.TRONA 212


5"x7" Dry Plate Camera


Antique Kodak Pony Premo Transition Plate Camera, Wooden Cassettes, Hood, Case


:Kodak Recomar 33 3 ¼ x 4 ¼ Folding Plate Camera - Needs Love


Wet Plate Photography Accesories - Portable Darkroom and 8X10 Silver Bath